About Us

We Innovate
We find or create the most efficient and effective solutions.
We Win Together
Our innovative and quality services are created through our talented people collaborating as a team.
We Make it Right
Providing the highest quality products with honesty, professionalism, and accountability.
About Sandman

Who We Are

Sandman is a team of top design and consulting engineers with offices throughout Minnesota in Moorhead, Brainerd, and Minneapolis.

The firm has continually grown since its inception in Moorhead in 2005 by focusing on delivering the highest quality product and service while building strong, honest relationships with clients. We create quality, innovative work by investing in people who excel personally and professionally.

About Sandman

Where We're Registered

In order to serve our clients’ needs, Sandman Structural Engineers is registered in all 50 states, The District of Columbia, and 5 Canadian Provinces.

We have experience working for projects of every size across North America.