Kurt Sandman, PE


At a young age, Kurt had a great interest in building things and how things were put together.  He often had to disassemble things to get that answer, then attempt to reassemble. Often, with less pieces.

He wondered how buildings stood, and thought about his own safety and the safety of others around him.  He was curious about how buildings created before the advent of modern technology, have stood the test of time.

Kurt thrives on problem solving.  He enjoys using structural materials to solve challenges to help people meet their goals. Kurt’s experience and structural intuition set him apart in the industry. His specialties include: Industrial, Sporting Venues, Non-Building Structures, and Construction Engineering.

Kurt loves working at Sandman because of the the people involved, both the great teammates and the clients.  It is fun for him to see a group of talented people working together with energy and innovation to  serve clients and help them reach their goals.

The impact of Sandman’s work is very rewarding to Kurt.  

When not at work, Kurt loves spending time with his wife and kids, camping, hiking, hunting, fly fishing...and more fishing.

His favorite movie quote?

"In my family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing." - A River Runs Through It.
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