Mitch Okeson, PE, SE


Growing up, Mitch enjoyed learning how things “work” and eventually became more and more interested in understanding the “why” of how they worked. He had a desire to understand at the core, at the beginning, how in theory does something work. Then, armed with that understanding, set-off to figure out how to make it work the best it can. This is why he enjoys structural engineering so much.  Mitch enjoys working with the Sandman team  to overcome daily challenges. They do this by applying simple solutions based upon fundamental knowledge and tailoring each solution to reach the best outcome. He loves achieving great results with the tight knit, creative teams at Sandman.  Mitch’s passion and personal beliefs make him determined to find the most efficient design solutions. Mitch’s specialties lay in detail work. Work that is precise and meticulous; that’s why he has such a love for structural steel. Steel is clean and polished, strong and adaptable, straight-forward yet complex.

Outside of the office Mitch enjoys the outdoors and being active. His hobbies include golf, hunting, snowmobiling, working with his hands. He was farm raised and has the privilege of bringing up a family on the same land in Detroit Lakes. He’s been blessed with two wonderful sons, two amazing daughters, and a great wife who was a city girl, but would never go back. 

All this leads to his favorite movie quote which is,

“So I got that going for me, which is nice!” - Caddyshack
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